My Life

Social media

Back in the days, when I was younger, I would have to ask my mother if I could go play with my friends.

At the age of 11 I got my first cellphone, which seemed quite innocent. I was just playing games and once in a while I received a SMS. Most of the time I didn’t even have credit on my cellphone to actually reply to the messages.

When I started high school the technology world wide grew fast. “Playing” with friends after school wasn’t “cool” anymore, so when I got home I took place behind my computer. Several hypes, like Hyves and MSN, could keep me busy for hours.

A couple of years later MSN disappeared and Hyves made place for Facebook. Now I was not only connected with my friends from school but with family and people I knew around the world (I had lived overseas and at the age of 5 I moved back to Holland where I still live).

This new computer/gaming generation I was in got bigger and bigger. Through out the years new sites and blogs popped up, which made it even easier to find people, look for inspiration on sites i liked and share information I found interesting. I could even post my daily routines.
Even now when I am typing this, I am standing at the train station in Utrecht. I’m on my way home, with my iPhone 5 in my hand, writing my first “real” blog. Not only for school and friends, but for possible “followers” world wide. But who would have ever thought that in 10 years I would go through this tornado of technological highlights?
At times I can be a little neurotic, so having not only Facebook but also TwitterPinterest, Tumblr and my own website can be a little hectic. But if I can extend my range and show the world who I am and what I am capable of, I hope that some day I can combine all these sites. That people will search for Lilian Prins and that they will be talking about me. About who I am, what I do and hopefully, that I might actually inspire them. I’m not sure yet in which way this might be… But I will make sure my voice will be heard around the world!
FYI; If you might be interested to follow me on the sites mentioned above:

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