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What it is
On July 5th 2012 IrisZorg launched a  free new app called ‘van alcohol tot xtc’ for iPhone and Android. It tells you which kind of drugs are new, what the features are, what the dangers  are of using it and what the law has to say about it. This app is not only a musthave for health professionals, but for everyone. Because as far as I am concerned, everybody gets in contact with drugs, alcohol and tabaco.

Why it’s cool
Since May this year there have been 7 deaths by young adolescents using XTC and MDMA. Last September the Dutch newssites got overloaded about the death of the Leidse student Lisa Nooij. She died of using MDMA and drinking contaminated water, which she used on a dancefestival. I  believe no one is over informed about the (possible) use of drugs . Thatin itself makes this app handy and easy to use. I think everybody is openminded about this.

Why it has future growth potential
Due to the offer and demand on  alcohol and drugs, people should stay up to date about what is on the market. This is for health professoinals, to know what kind of drugs people might have used. But also for the group “users” so they exactly know what they use, what the risks might be, and so on …

Some drugs are a lot cheaper that alcohol, this is why it is used so much on festivals. This is why a FREE app might not be so hard to consider using.

I did not write this blog to start a discussion about what is considered good or bad. Everyone should decide for themselves. I just want to indicate that an app like this might prevent potential accidents. I hereby cast my condolences to the relatives of Lisa Nooij.

For further information about the IrisZorg app you can visit:‘van-alcohol-tot-xtc’


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