Plastic soup


What it is
Let’s Do It! is a global community, consisting of volunteers and NGO’s (non-govermental organisations) worldwide, that wish to get rid of illegal garbage and cleanup oceans, city’s regions and nations.

Why it’s cool
Let’s Do It! started in 2008 in Estonia, where 50.000 people came together. Nowadays they have more than 5 million volunteers and the community is still growing. Users can upload recent findings of garbage through free apps to keep the site up-to-date. Let’s Do It! even came with a Facebook like-page which helps you to clean up your virtual world on Facebook.

Why it has future growth potential
The term ‘plastic soup’ is a frequently heard which is part of cleaning up the world. If we want to have a future and our quality of life to be as positive as possible, we have to do something about illegal garbage. Let’s Do It! is a global community, for which we should combine forces. When such organisations expand, we create more awareness.

For further information about ‘plastic soup’ and Let’s Do It! have a look at:


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