What it is
Talely is an online platform where everyone can share their hobbies, passions, memorable moments and ideas for new projects. It’s a platform where you can create, publish and share your stories everywhere you want.

Why it’s cool
Everyone has cool stories that should be told, Talely makes it possible to create and it is quite easy to do so. You can even animatie your tales. All the tales will be saved on a hub, where you can browse and rate them. There will be an app for smartphones so Talely will be available at all times.

Why it has future growth potential
These days people are very focused on their own futures. See online posts on Instagram with #selfies, the growing number of freelancers and the amount of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. So when Talely gets more exposure, more and more people have a new way of telling and sharing their unique stories with a worldwide public.

For more information about Talely, have a look at:


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