Atlanta Botanic Garden

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What it is
The Botanical Garden is a non-profit organization which mission it is to develop and maintain plant collections for education, research, enjoyment etcetera. They have opened three new gardens: the Edible Garden, Canopy Walk and the Cascades Garden. The Edible Garden grows seasonal crops, flowers and herbs. It even grows more than 2000 plants on an Herb Wall (vertical growing). The Canopy Walk is a 60 foot long and 40 foot tall bridge which guides you through the treetops of a 13-acre woodland garden. The Cascades Garden contains several waterfalls with tropical plants.

Why it’s cool
The Atlanta Botanic Garden has been cooperating with chefs and artist, which ensures that there is more to do then just wandering around the plants. Chefs will teach you about cooking from the garden in an outdoor kitchen while you sip your wine. And artists have exhibited their artwork throughout the Gardens. In this way they target a wider audience. During winter holidays they even introduce ’Garden Lights’ where you can be dazzled by the light show in the Gardens.

Why it has future growth potential
The Botanical Gardens is found in 1973. Now, 40 years later, they have combined outdoor gardening with art exhibitions as well as outdoor cooking. Throughout the years many changes took place and the Gardens have been expanding. If they keep collaborating with different chefs and artist they might attract new visitors who wish to experience what the Gardens might bring, which will ensure the Botanic Gardens to grow even bigger. When you visit the Botanic Gardens you enter a whole new world, what nowadays is a co-creation of chefs, artists and gardeners which. Despite the economic crisis, this is an amazing location where people can experience all of this together.

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