Crystal Dome

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What it is
In Innsbruck (Austria) you will find the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Parc, for whom multimedia artist André Heller designed fourteen underground Chambers of Wonder inspired bij the versatile artistic interpretation of the material crystal. The third Chamber is called the Crystal Dome for which Heller cooperated with Brian Eno and Susanne Schmögner. The walls are covered with 590 mirrors which provide a full spectrum of light reflected in all facets, just like a kaleidoscope.

Why it’s cool
Besides these fourteen Chambers Swarovski Crystal Worlds provides a variety of leisure programs starring a shopping area, CAFÉ-terra and above ground a landscape all created by a variety of artist. Swarovski Crystal Worlds even provides a shuttle bus that operates daily from Innsbruck to the Crystal Worlds and back. The Crystal Dome provides an experience in a crystal looking Chamber where you will be dazzled by lights. Nowhere else in the world you will experience something in such a unique way. This is the only place in the world where Swarovski has created such a crystalized world. It’s Swarovski, what more is there to say… Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Why it has future growth potential
You can only find the Crystal Dome in Austria, but a Chamber like this should be a worldwide experience. How amazing is it if Swarovski expands by working with artist all over the world and create new and more breathtaking experiences such as this one.

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