Cat café


What it is
All around the world you will find all different sorts of café. Cat café weren’t very common until the 21st century, but it definitely is a theme café which nowadays should be added tot the assortiment of café sorts. The main attraction are the cats, so besides enjoying your beverage and lunch you can watch and play with the cats you find in these café.

Why it’s cool
The first cat café opened in 1998 in Taiwan. Since 2008 cat café became increasingly popular in Japan. Currently you will even find cat café in Austria, England, France, Spain and so on. Many people around the world aren’t aloud to have pets, they do not have any time to take care of them at home or they have an allergie, but they do love to spend time cuddling and playing with cats. These café provide an excellent solution for these group of people so they can spend their free hours in these café where they can kill time and relax and enjoy the company of the cats. These cat café can be seen as an extended version of your living room.

Why it has future growth potential
Times change and people become busier. We can no longer talk about 8 till 6 working hours, we now live a 24/7/365 life and the economy will have to adapt to this mentality. Cat café are an excellent example to this. We spend less time at home, we live as gypsies, so taking care of your pet becomes a problem. Many pets will end up in the streets, so these café will also be an excellent solution to counter stray cats. There might even come café featuring other pets.

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