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GLOW Eindhoven – Gool & Wijngaarden


It’s November 13th, I’m at Central Station Eindhoven and it’s cold and windy outside. I’m waiting for my friend from Amersfoort and my two classmates with whom I would meet to wander around in Eindhoven, when my cellphone dies. Despite the weather, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people passing me by at the station. After a stressful couple of minutes my heartbeat and cholesterol return to a normal level when I see familiar faces in the crowd. We continue our journey, moving further into the darkness, when we hear heavy, mysterious music coming our way. We’re somewhat hypnotized and sucked into the crowd, moving closer to where the sounds are coming from, when we stop and stare at a 7 meter high Pendulum Wave containing 15 luminous spheres. The streets and buildings of Eindhoven are artistically filled with lights and music. Every artwork has it’s own story. The lights come and go like waves. They dance across the streets, into the sky where they fuse with the stars forming a dazzling light spectacle. In advance I downloaded a GLOW app for my cellphone telling me where to go and what to see, and even though this app is fantastically set up (& that my battery gave up on me) I was entirely into the GLOW experience and  did not find the need of using this. The involvement of the people of Eindhoven give an extra warm and cosy touch to this festival. I hope every other person might find the time to experience such a memorable GLOW experience in one of the following years and enjoys this as much as i did.

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