Casa del Agua

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What it is
Casa del Agua is located in Mexico and is not just an other water brand. Just like the interior design, the water is pure and timeless and inspired by a traditional process. Water stands for luxury, necessity, beauty, transparency, health, clarity and hygiene. This is brought forward in their concept, which is incorporated in not only their interieur but also the design of the bottles and accessories.

Why it’s cool
What makes Casa del Agua different from other water brands is how they handle the water with love and care. Water molecules are sensitive to human intention. This is why Casa del Agua crafts bottles in a calm environment. The experience is not only in the store but in the product as well.

Why it has future growth potential
Besides the fact that water is always needed, the concept and vision Casa del Agua manages, is fully incorporated in every aspect of the brand. Casa del Agua is all about authenticity; as clear and pure as the water itself.

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