Eyescream & Friends

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What it is
„Eyescream & Friends is the best looking and best tasting eyescream in Barcelona” (https://www.facebook.com/eyescreamandfriends, 2013). When you have entered Eyescream & Friends in Barcelona, you pick your tray, order your favorite flavor and then grab yourself two out of nine syrups which are served as topping. As cherry to the cake, you top your ice cream experience, with two sugar candy ”eyes”. Besides ice cream they also serve sorbets, for those who are lactose intolerant.

Why it’s cool
The ice cream is shaved in a special machine which gives it an unique texture. The toppings and sauces are separated, whereby you create your own colorful ice cream containing a variety of flavors. Eyescream & Friends developed a family of monster characters which stand for the playful, simple and colorful experience.

Why it has future growth potential
Eyescream & Friends has future growth potential because the experience in served in the ice cream. Not only due to the edible eyes added to your ice cream, but for the ice ”shaving” and separating the toppings from the ice. The authenticity and the co-creation is something people nowadays are looking for, and this is exactly what is offered to you in a simple but playful way in a lovely ice cream store in Barcelona.

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