Female discrimination


What it is
The international reach of the internet has is pros and cons. The definition of web 3.0 is the fact that the computer/internet will start taking over the role of thinking. To accomplish this they will use personal information about you that is available on the internet. This could be for example your searching history or the proposal of frequently used terms. UN women is a campaign that fights for female rights.

Why it’s cool
The campaign that UN women started can be found and seen on:” This campaign clearly shows that there is still a lot of discrimination going on towards the female population. This looks like an old fashioned appearance, but you will be surprised how often it occurs in modern day life. This is happening because Google proposes terms that are related towards female discrimination. It actually surprises me that this is allowed and available. I wasn’t aware of this. I also thought that the western society was further in the process of equality between male and female. Further information about this subject can be seen on:

Why it has future growth potential
Not everybody is up to date with web 3.0 what it does and how these terms are proposed. The moment that the society starts to understand how the technicalities work campaigns will be started, and these campaigns will be brought under attention.

For the concern of the female it’s important that these terms that are being proposed and have an influence on how people think are removed.

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