Gender differences

What it is
Through the years it looks like the separation line between male and female has almost vanished. But is this true? Who said the line is even vanishing? Is that the male or the female.

Why it’s cool
In the daily life and street view of today you can see that more and more men are taking better care of their physical appearance. They look well taken care of, and they are using beauty products that used to be only for women e.g. lip balm.

The difference between male and female clothing is also getting smaller, more and more men have the confidence to wear female or unisex clothing in public. This is either to make a statement or because they feel comfortable in them.

An article with pictures can be found on:” Even through these reports that were made online and offline, the opinions about the disappearing lines are different. This can be seen in an article Beyonce Knowles-Carter wrote, according to this article a female earns only 77% of what a male would in the same function. The following quote is from her article: “But unless women and men both say this is unacceptable, things will not change.” (B. Knowles-Carter, 2014, ).

Why it has future and growth potential
For the further future it is important to raise awareness under the male population about the sex difference. Luckily a part of the male population is already aware of the problem, and not afraid to publish it as can be seen in the following article:

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