What do you know about the Red Light District?


What it is
On you can find a documentary about how tourist think about the Red Light District. The Red Light District is an attraction that lures thousands of tourists into Amsterdam every year. Because of this a lot of people have an illusion about what really happens here.

In one part of the documentary it shows what a group of Australian tourist think about what happens and what you can do in the Red Light District. This is then compared to the story of a prostitute. It is shocking to see how ignorant people are to the real truth in matters like prostitution

Why it’s cool
The current Dutch government wants to illegalize the prostitution in the Amsterdam region that is called: “The Wallen”. The reason for this is that they want to make it less public. They want to do this by for example closing the windows and replacing them with normal retail stores. They hope that by taking away the direct visual aspect and making it less accessible the interest will drop and the women don’t go towards that line of work anymore.

Why it has future growth potential
It is possible that this will cause a decrease in the Amsterdam visitor’s rate this is because a lot of tourists come to Amsterdam for this reason only. Because these discussions are made public it might not even be necessary to maintain a special shopping street for prostitutes. And the women that really enjoy working in this line of work will still have their fun. All of these things need to be done because it’s important that the truth about what happens in the Red Light District should be in one line with what the tourists think.

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