History repeats

Image Image

What it is
Nowadays, you often see that that old music and image fragments are reused in a modern way. Some examples are:

Why it’s cool
Marilyn Monroe and many others (models and actrices) that are shown in de first two fragments, are examples of the fact that today’s view on femininity is changing back to what it used to be. These women aren’t skinny nor plus size, they are full of femininity.  Even though they have already past away, the authenticity that these fragments entail, evokes appreciation and recognition.

Some fragments in which masculinity is shown in an authentic way, are the “I have dream” song in which you hear Martin Luther King jr. talking, and a less positive example, but which represents masculinity very well, is the ad for shampoo in which Hitler is casted. Hitler might nog be seen as a leading example of someone whom you would want to be compared with but, just like Martin Luther King jr., he suited the role of a man, a leader and fulfilled a position as authority.

Why it has future growth potential
As written above, fragments which entail authenticity, evoke a feeling of appreciation and recognition. These feelings could be reasons why products and music might be valued more and therefor sell more. If this strategy would be used more often with great leading examples, not such as Hitler, we could recall the best moments of history and create even better better memories.

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