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What it is
Sofie was born (and raised) in Amersfoort in the year 2000. An unknown action group replaced the man, situated in the traffic lights (for pedestrians), by Sofie. Sofie is an image of a woman signing you when to walk or wait. Vialis made a product out of this idea. Deventer, Haarlem, Hilversum and Utrecht sticked to this initiative and made a national roll-model of Sofie.

Why it’s cool
Sofie is from Amersfoort, a city in the middle of the Netherlands, and has become an international phenomenon who stands up for the women’s rights. It’s cool because  the tiny Sofie can make such a difference!

Why it has future growth potential
Although Sofie is fourteen years old already, she has achieved a lot. In 2005 the design received the IF Gold Award (this is an international ‘Design Oscar’) and besides being situated in several Dutch cities, Sofie will be crossing over all the way to Winnipeg, Canada. Here, Sofie will be seen in a human-rights museum. Sofie has also been in New York, which is visualized on the image above. Worldwide Sofie could have much more impact on women’s rights. Tiny changes in our everyday lives, such as the traffic lights, will constantly remind us of the current  position of woman in our society.

In the links below, you can find more information about Sofie:

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