Nerds, tech and underwear

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What it is
The need of a quality designer product and making people smile turned into Unerdwear. Unerdwear is a brand of designer boxers (Nerdies) with geeky patterns, which, as the founders say themselves, have a positive, absurd and fun impact on people’s lives. What started as a joke grew in to an upcoming brand.

Why it’s cool
The company is very clear about who they are and what they stand for, this creates transparency and a feeling of connectivity towards the brand. This makes Unerdwear more accessible for the greater mass.

To create the Nerdies, digital printing technologies are used. Dinacolada, Lady Flamingo and Nerds going bananas are titles which fit with the characteristics of the boxers. Have a look on the site ( and get amazed by the trippy patterns and the perfectly matching website features. The concept is fully implemented in the Nerdies, the website as wel the washing instructions.

Why it has future growth potential
Nowadays it is essential for many people that businesses are honest about their working methods. As previously mentioned, Unerdwear joins this need.

An other interesting aspect of this brand is that the Nerdies are produced in cooperation with local companies in Poland and that they are produced in small limited releases. This is a good thing because it ensures exclusivity and you are bound to amaze anyone who sees you wearing them.

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