What it is
Greenbutts is an innovative cigarette brand that tries to fight the effects of global pollution. More than 5,000,000,000,000 cigarettes are thrown away every year, something needs to be done. Since cigarettes are made of certain chemicals, it takes 10 till 15 years before they demolish. The Greenbutts cigarettes however purely contain natural products causing it to demolish way faster.

An other example of innovative cigarettes is Lucky Strike, who came up with the first organically grown cigarette.  The tobacco is “Additive Free” but unlike the Greenbutts, the filter is still not degradable.

Why it’s cool
We are all aware of the problems haunting our world, but we always thought that there wasn’t a solution for all these humongous issues. Because of certain trends, we now do believe in solutions. One of these trends is called transparency, which is the one with probably the biggest influence. Transparency basically means that companies and brands need to be honest about what they do and especially how they do it. A brand like Greenbutts really fulfills these needs. They’re not only honest about what they do, they also found a way to solve other worldwide problems as well (pollution and global warming).

Why it has future growth potential
Greenbutts already does great things, but they’re not finished yet. The brand keeps on growing and reaches more and more people with this vision and working methods. They might not be able to plant seeds in the ground yet, (as seen at: but the fact that there are creative minds coming up with certain ideas, means that there always will be future growth potential in this industry. It might be far-fetched but if Greenbutts finds a way to live up to this and stay this innovative, they might even fight global warming and change the world for the better. Since we’re so critical about basically everything, it is essential for upcoming brands to be honest about their working methods and that these are eco-friendly.

To read more about these subjects, you should take a look at:\

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