Nudo India (& Italy)


What it is
Nudo Darjeeling gives Europeans the opportunity to adopt their own little piece of land located in India, which is yours for one year. On this piece of land grows the champagne of all teas, also known as Darjeeling.

Why it’s cool
Nudo anticipates on the biological aspect of the current trends. There are no chemical color, aroma’s or flavors added to the tea. What you get sent home, is what grows on your piece of land in India. Except that it’s better for your condition then the tea purchased at the supermarket, it also provides an inspiring conversation when drunk at a coffee and tea house, the hair dresser and even at your granny’s place.

An other inspiring aspect realized by Nudo is that the locals are provided with the right work facilities, a good work environment and earn good money for it, to which we Europeans contribute our part to by adopting a piece of this land.

Why it has future growth potential
Besides this initiative Nudo also has a similar initiative in Italy where olive trees are grown, which provide your own olive oil. I do believe Nudo functions as a leading company, inspiring similar organizations that focus on fair trade and persist a transparent process. Nudo responds perfectly to the present, to which I hope more companies take an example.

To read more about Nudo, have a look at there website:
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