Chop Shop Butchery

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What it is
Another company taking care of the need for total transparency is Chop Shop Butchery. Located in Ashville (US) you will find a small shop selling you the best meat there is. This independent store has great local and regional farmers as suppliers, where for you as consumer can be informed about the antibiotic- and hormone free meat.

Why it’s cool
There is so much we can worry and stress about, as the minutes go by we have more and more to do. We take care of what we have to do, we rush through things and when we have some spare time we grab some to-go meal (or even worse, microwave dinners). We’re forgetting to enjoy life a little, we’re forgetting our worth and focus on everything besides that what makes us better. Food is a basic need. It is said before: you are what you eat. But what is it that we eat? We don’t take our time anymore to enjoy our meals, let alone that we make time to figure out what it is made of and where it comes from… At Chop Shop Butchery you can get all the information needed, from the farm to your plate. All the parts of the animal you desire (smoked or not – at their own smokehouse) and they even supply recipes for the preparation.

I would say, give it a try and drop by when you are nearby. Take your time and make yourself (or others) a meal to remember. It even provides a great story to tell at the dining table.

Why it has future growth potential
As mentions above people need to know what they eat and where it comes from. Independent shops as this provide a wonderful step into the right direction our society should live by. Serving not only the best meat but also your quality of life!

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