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It is not that I get bored quickly, I am more likely to be curious and excited about getting to know others, their mentality and finding out how they optimize their quality of life. I love to learn by experiencing other cultures, food habits, typical music and other cultural habits. Not only focussing on the differences or comparisons in the world, by clustering cultures, but also finding out what the individual mentality is, which drives every person worldwide to becoming the best version of him-/herself. Β In a rotating manner, I surround myself with certain people who got my interest. By getting to know them and analysing them, I learn for myself what I do or do not like. I grow through experience. This does not mean that when I get what I need, I get bored and move on. It is more likely to be seen as another stepping-stone to grow and then move on to the next lesson in life. This continuing path I travel brings me many insights in people and their creations. Where some share my interest and visions, there are others who surprise me by their bizar motives and inventions. This hardly ever is a bad thing, because I believe that everyone is different and has his or her rights (and wrongs). I do most of the time have a strong opinion, which I love to share. Being a realist (containing just a tiny bit of pessimistic traits) I do try to teach myself to focus on the best in life. The blogs I post on are all subjects that I find amazingly interesting and wish to bring to the attention of many others worldwide.

Another quality I can grant myself are my thoughts that are mostly visualized. I am attracted to visuals more then words, so I can give my own meaning to the sights. Everyone has their own point of view, which makes visuals more personal, for words (mostly) have a definition we all share.

I do believe the one thing that I should really start making progress on, is that I get distracted way to quickly. I can always think of (better) things to do, so the moment my mind starts to wonder around and I still need to finish something (a blog for instance) I get a bit sloppy. I’ll rather settle for less and don’t underpin my coolhunts as well as I am capable of. I do archive my found interests online as offline, which is a good support. Having a diverse ready-to-use archive is what I profit of on moments like these.

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