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I’m in need of HELP! I’m looking for a mentor …


The first two years of my study program (or for extended time) I should be in contact with an elder who inspires me, who can guide me through an amount of school projects and who might, eventually, help me with an appropriate internship. Which, if I may be a little bit picky, will be overseas.

The kind of elder I’m talking about is called a master (also known as mentor). The idea is that this mentor and I should have contact at least twice a year. The workspace of this mentor should target trends, concept development, realizing and analyzing.

Another requirement is that he/she works in one of the next divisions: Health, Leisure, Appearance, Food, Human Movement or Living. Because of the fact that freshman year hasn’t come to an end yet, we haven’t discussed the Human Movement and Living part yet. Despite of this, I do believe that I favour these divisions.

Before I started my study program (International Lifestyle Studies – Fontys Academy for Creative IndustriesThe Netherlands) I have been working as a hairstylist, make-up artist for five years. If there is a possibility of combining these skills and the stated divisions, it might even strengthen my potential. It will be beneficial to bot of us. So if this mentor could use my help in his/her working area, if you are or know such a mentor, our contact and combined forces could be of great value for the both of us.

If there is someone out there who has the connections I need, please get in touch with me so I can pass on the required information and my curriculum vitae. You can contact me through WordPress or e-mail:

Please share this message and help me out!

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