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Like I mentioned in an earlier blog ( Writing something down on paper is a better way to understand what you are writing down in your notes. So one could say that digitalisation is not the best thing that had happened to us. Lately many gadgets appear on the market and they are all meant to make our lives easier or more fun. But is this always the case? Do you need a taxi ride? There probably is an app for that. However, robots being part of our day-to-day life, might not be appreciated by everyone quite yet. It is often seen in science-fiction movies, but the fact that technology already developed so fast, might scare some people. Do we really want robots to clean our houses?

After one boy managed to manipulate two thousand computers, the Dutch government recommends putting a sticker or patch in front of your webcam to ensure your privacy and to avoid cybercrime. These days, most laptops and computers are equipped with a webcam so everyone can become a victim of cybercrime. The fact that not many people know about this shows us that we do not even realise how quick technology is developing.

However, when we take a closer look on this topic, it might not be as bad as many people say it is. A digital world may have some downsides, but you’ll be surprised when you see the positive effect.

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Let’s start with a simple example. Being able to fix a taxi ride by using an app. In some cities, this is not possible due to governmental rules. However, in The Netherlands there is an initiative called Uber and it’s supported by Neelie Kroes. Everyone who works for Uber, is a freelance chauffeur. This app is a magnificent example of people finding ways to use technology for the better. Besides that, it also fits into the rapid life we’re living, but that’s a different topic so I decided to discuss that in the article mentioned above.

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Many people fear the robot-revolution but the co-operation with humans will eventually lead to something great. According to the ING, robots will eventually offer many workingopportunities, which is good for the economy of course.

There already is an enormous diversity of robots. Many are used for the household, in the classroom or even in hospitals. Opinions on this matter differ of course. One person enjoys using robots while others absolutely hate it. Another reason people might fear the robot-revolution is the fact that some of them are already able to recognise emotions. What happens to the information these robots save? We humans only remember the things that help us survive but robots save every single thing they notice. This valuable information is then send to a so-called cloud. This cloud is linked to other robots, which makes our information accessible to others.

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One other thing robots can take care of is measuring the amount of nicotine in cafes or restaurants. Smoking in cafes might be illegal now but it is hard to find out if people are taking this new rule seriously. With the help of technological developments, there might be a way to collect valid information. Robots may be able to measure the amount of nicotine in the air or how much ash is tapped into the ashtray. This makes checking on cafes way more easy for inspectors.

2014-04-23 16.18.52

As we can clearly see, there are many sectors that are influenced by this so-called robot revolution. Not only will it be of great use in the health sector, robots are able to improve the quality of the leisure sector as well. Digitalisation has become such an enormous part of our society that there is no way back. However, we do need to draw a line. We don’t want robots to take over, right? But who is supposed to draw this metaphoric line? According to the video down below, the army is quite positive about the practical usage of robots.

But even though robots actually do have some positive sides to them, we really need to make sure that we’re not going to use them for every single thing. In this article you will get to know why it is so important to draw the line.

One argument against the robot revolution will always be the fact that they’re not sustainable. Robots require energy and let that be a shortage in a couple of years. They may have a good point, but according to the video down below, there are many alternate options to regenerate energy.

In an earlier blog I talked about urbanization and overpopulation. Many people will move to the cities due to the fast growing population. Robots cannot be missed of course. But in what form will we see the robot revolution in future cities? Cities will get overcrowded really soon and for some people living in the city will become impossible. Take for instance a crippled man, how is he supposed to move from point A to B? There won’t be any robotic wonder that carries them around the city, but by using technological developments, they can be trained to walk again.

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