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Positive international co-operation

In soccer, athletes have been offered great international contracts, to be part of a strong team in another country. How these guys perform is well known internationally, everyone would kill to have them being part of their team. Soccer isn’t my cup of tea, but the “purchase” of such powerful players to strengthen their team, is a wonderful idea!

By translating this particular subject, into a work related topic, we’re getting to the purpose of this blog. This is not meant to be patronizing, soccer is after all a “very well paid” job. But I am aiming on work that is actually helping the world moving forward. We Dutchmen are well known for our knowledge about water. Which is not surprising, since a large part of our country lies below sea level… The following images show two news articles, where is stated that Dutch knowledge provides assistance in Indonesia. There are plenty more examples of international specialists offering their services over seas.

2014-04-05 13.21.21 2014-05-04 19.11.37

Sometimes I wonder why I am one of the few who would love to see international collaborations turning out to be more positive. What people hear and see on the news, is assumed to be correct, but after that they do nothing with the obtained information. People hear, obtain and still remain sitting behind their telly. I find it sad to see how the world gets worn out, but that there still remains so little experience left in life.

The news shows us a constant spiral of negativity containing all kinds of nasty and shocking messages and images. We haven’t forgotten the previous World Wars yet and once again there is some moron who wants to start the Third World War. Let it be clear that I am not talking about just a country, but about Russia. With a surface of 17.098.242 km², it forms the biggest nation in the world. All the news about Russia that appears in the news lately, keeps people informed about the current state of affairs. But this also shows how little we do with it.

I do not watch the news, I have never done and I never will, but yet I follow a study that partly focuses on international trends. People often do not understand this. But today I had a conversation with a classmate of mine, who agreed on my vision about this subject. People should be aware of the fact that news items are told by only one point of view, and this is often a negative one. It simply attracts most attention! Everything that is brought to the attention in these newsflashes seems to be out of our reach to deal with. Thank God the current generation, Generation Y (also known as Generation Einstein) does no longer what is expected of them, but only does the things, which makes them happy.

Instead of watching TV and listening to the radio, we are, due to the rising of the Internet, able to obtain information from all over the world. We can and will make our voice heard. Do research, dig into information that you are really interested in and actually do something with it. In The Netherlands an often-used statement says: Wie goed doet die goed ontmoet. Which means that when you treat people well, they will treat you good as well. You might translate it to, what goes around comes around. The moment you focus only on the beauty in the world, and realizing that when we stand hand in hand, we could better the world.

As previously mentioned, it seems wise that humanity focuses on positive international collaborations. This is not only possible with a graduation degree, a good title or a well-paid job. We are born as equals, now you just need the guts to use this mindset. Instead of forming a herd that follows a potential world leader, we can unite the world and make it a better place.

Generation Y is a generation that no longer focuses on what is expected of them, but on what is in their own behalf. This generation comes up with innovative ideas, they are the one who dare to put a step forward. They are the first to leave the herd and start exploring the world. Thanks to this generation, there is still hope for the future. They are the building blocks for not only a sustainable, but also a happy society. Wisdom comes with age, has long been said, but I believe that humanity should open up for this lifestyle.

As a unit we are able to create an optimistic society and many generations will follow these footsteps. As we have formed an online community, we are also able to form a cultural diversity in towns and villages. This will make an equally strong offline unit, which can reach further then ever imagined, because they can and will convert their words into actions. In this way their values for a safe future will come to their rights.

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