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A new Paris

Paris, the city that is worldwide known for it’s Eiffel Tower, the twinkling lights and the unforgettable romance. A city everyone should have visited once in their lives and where an enormous number of marriage proposals are made. If Paris was as beautiful as we are taught.

Several times before I set eyes on the breath-taking monuments that characterize Paris. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and thus follows a long list, not one of them to be missed. But the gorgeous architecture that decorates this city, is only a negligent grip on it’s history.

However, today’s life looks utterly different. Especially when you consider, that as a trendwatcher, I am to ply all my senses. For clarification; the will of stimulating these senses, has perhaps not been a swelling idea for this city. Smell, sight, touch, taste and hear… What has this enriched me in this o-so-beautiful Paris?


The conception that one has of the scents in Paris, is directly swept of the table once the city is entered. There will be no graceful welcome by the sweet fumes of macarons, crepes and warm waffles. Nor does the smell of freshly roasted coffee. Where the city and so the nose is filled with, constantly reminds me of the sewer system of historic Paris.

One of the things that was said, before I left the bus, was to keep my eyes on the bridges. Entire families lived underneath them. There is a gigantic difference between poor and rich in this capital city. Perhaps, this is the reason why pickpockets and scams are masterminds here. They are seen as illusionists. Within seconds and unnoticed, they will lay hand on all your belongings. In the year 2014 “seeing” Paris indicates that, if you want to be assured that at the end of your journey your belongings are still yours,
you should grow eyes in the back of your head.

“Feeling” Paris is something abstract. Unconsciously this sense is closed off, due to the fact that you are constantly guarding your belongings. Continuously external stimuli ensure you of being alert.

I already was aware of the fact that in Paris location and price are linked. When you consume an espresso at the bar, and a same espresso at the terrace, you will be amazed by the price difference. In Paris location is of great importance, according to the price. I went dining near the Champs-Elysées, aware of where in Paris I was, I entered a restaurant. After analysing the menu and its prices, I was deeply disappointed by the course they presented. Looking like wet canned cat food, let alone “tasting like”, the flavour sensation of this raw tartar made me realize that location is not the decisive factor.

The last sense I reluctantly used is “hearing”. Just like every other capital city, the roads are filled with ambulances and police. However, the arrogance of Paris is something that emerges from this strongly. No driver shrinks back from the accident that occurs elsewhere. Every individual wants to reach its own destiny as quickly and easily as possible. In Paris the cars are smaller so they can easily manoeuvre through the city. Even easier, for the Parisians, are the scooters, motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles. Even a one-wheeler was, at high speed, moving through the crowd.

I find it frustrating that, for the ones who read this, I am the one that points out the new and true Paris. However, my honesty and directness is something that defines me. Therefore, I won’t tremble to announce the beautiful side of Paris.

Get lost in Paris. Go where no tourist goes. You will be amazed by the eccentric beauty that characterizes Paris. Unnoticed but there, art graces the city, in a way that embraces the current state of time. Speak in your poorest French, and discover that amazingly enough Parisians will answer you in their best English and lead you through the true Paris. Your respect for their city is your guidance to the most inspiring corners of Paris.


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