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Natural Habitat

During the first ten weeks of this school year, I have been clustering the trend: Natural Habitat. One of the long-term trends, to which you can link Natural Habitat, is Biomimicry. Biomimicry uses nature as an example and imitates this to create improvements and sustainability in human appliance. The trend cluster Natural Habitat displays the points where urbanization and nature merge. Signals are seen in various parts of our lifestyles, many of them in the Living (interior) and Appearance (fashion) industry.

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Pay some attention to the fashion shows, and you will understand the major impact this part of society has on consumers. Appearance has become one of the biggest factors to bring forth your personal identity.

How about the artistic part of society, that gives us space for imagination. It has given not only the opportunity to decorate our homes, but the city as well. Not much is needed to bring the earthly and wild back into our lives. On just a few square meters, a natural environment can be created. Guearilla gardening, DIY herb gardens and vertical gardening are just a few examples.

I will mention a couple of other signals, that will give you further insight in the need of a natural habitat:

Amoeba trainer
This shoe changes shape, due to proton cells, when it gets into contact with different materials. The different surfaces provide different shapes, with associated support and quality. The Amoeba trainer is created for different courses.

Leather: Precious skin (2.0)
This is a collection of bags, with the aim to create awareness about the origin of the material and its natural beauty. This collection assigns new values to what is normally seen as a waste product, Victoria Ledig has given new insights.

Alcarol & Nienke Hoogvliet
Designers of Alcarol and Nienke Hoogvliet combine natural elements with interiors. This doesn’t only create an entirely new and innovative production process, but it also offers consumers a whole new understanding of materials. These products also create a natural atmosphere and give balance to city life.

Ambio & Smart highway
Ambio and Smart highway are both products in which the long-term trend Biomimicry emerges strongly. Natural elements have provided new insight for complex human problems. While making Ambio, Teresa van Dongen was inspired by microorganism that light up the waves of the ocean. While Daan Roosegaarde can make the highway energy neutral and can even give it a poetic experience.


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