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Let wandering be your inspiration

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Wanderer Bracelets is founded by Ben Katzaman. While wandering through Bali, he got inspired by the creative talents that are shared in a village, where he had been introduced. As J.R.R. Tolkein has said “All those who wander are not lost”, Ben saw the opportunity to set up this brand.

Just like many other entrepreneurs and start-ups, Wanderer Bracelets was introduced on Kickstarter. The goal was to bring up a minimum of $7,500 in the period of half November till the start of December, which successfully was funded. Ben achieved to raise $7,787.

As travelling and wandering around the world, is not set-aside for everybody, it does improve the quality of life of many men. As for me, the journeys that I have made, provided me of great experiences, a colorful pallet of friendships and the most memorable moments in my life. When seeing these bracelets, it brings up all the adventures I have experienced. Especially the bracelet with the anchored pendant, which for me signs that I can and will only anchor myself, while wandering.

When travelling, you will always discover stands where bracelets, or other type of jewelry, are handmade and sold by locals. In contrast to this, Wanderer creates sustainable jewelry. The entire production process is hand crafted, from the bone to the packaging. The websites even notes how to take care of your purchase, so the natural materials are well taken care of.

Our current economy can be seen as a sharing economy. People share products, knowledge, etcetera. This brand is founded on the belief that everyone has a story to tell and that these must be shared. Wanderer bracelets represent the local village artisans in Bali.

The bracelets are waterproof, durable, one size fits all and unique. Handcrafted in Bali, carrying a story in this unique piece of art.


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