For the last couple of months I fulfilled my internship at A Beautiful Story, a fair fashion jewelry company located in Amsterdam. The company has its producers located in Nepal and India, where the jewelry is hand made. Last months I have been working on the new collection for Autumn/Winter 2016. The collection theme is “Elements”. The jewelry containing gemstones are divided among the elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The elements can be divided over the constellations among with the associated gemstones, which each have their own health effects.

We are increasingly focusing on living a conscious life and more often think of the environment, and how we’ve been treating it. We are on a continuous quest for happiness, balance and tranquility. There is also a state you can find that is called awe. This is a feeling of respect, reverence and wonder in the presence of something powerful, sacred or sublime. Manifestations of this can be goose bumps, a rapid heartbeat or for instance hackles that stand up. The moment you are in a state of awe, might be a moment which you will never forget.

It is important that we think about our experiences and that we live consciously. You can find several retreats nationally and abroad. The experiences and opinions about retreats can differ a lot. On the Bedrock website you can find an article on someone’s experience of ten days of silence. Per day they would be meditating for nine hours. There were others, but it was not allowed to make any sort of contact with them. “But the longer I managed to focus my attention on the sensations I began to experience the following: the sensations changed. Really. Pain went away. Itching pulled away. Vibrations went away. Nothing remained. Nothing persisted. Everything came and went away again. And came back, and went away. “The final perception was that everything is constantly in motion, because that’s the law of nature. Everything in us, on us and around us is changing.

Trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort has her own opinion on the Earth and how she experiences the state that it’s in. Quite detailed she tells about how resources of the Earth are emptying and that we are to prepare our future generations to live in harmony with nature and each other. A radical change is taking place, where new generations are rectifying that what has been destroyed in the past centuries. In different industries this change is noticed. Both in art, food and fashion a creative force is felt that is driven by natural materials and sustainability.

Natural materials provide a feeling of happiness. Whether this is in our environment, products or in our interior. The more connections there is with nature, the more we feel attracted to it. The city Emmen developed a sustainable cycle lane, which is made of bio composite. These are pressed boards that consist of wood chips and organic resin. In Ghana, they developed bikes made of bamboo. They only use local and fully recyclable products on this. And in Japan, where the bonsai is huge, the Air Bonsai was developed. This is a do-it-yourself floating bonsai growing on a moss ball and seems to float through a magnetic field.

People are playing with the elements and are innovating in nature. The earth is experienced in much more ways than ever before and people live their lives in a much more conscious way than they used to. It seems that people begin to realize that the earth is vulnerable and that we need to take care of it. In doing so, we can pass on to the future generations a healthy planet, were consciousness, sustainability and the feeling of awe are important values.

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