Future marketing

Since the economic crisis a lot of companies are being shut down. One of the reasons for this is the increasing popularity of online shopping. We do not have to visit shops any more, we can just turn on our device and visit our favorite stores online. So what are the options to get in touch with the consumer? There are a lot of answers possible, but one of the most important ways to do this is through marketing. It’s now more important than it has ever been before.

A company that is using a clever way to bond with its consumers is 22Tracks. 22Tracks is an online playlist consisting 22 genres of music, each containing 22 tracks. These playlists are updated weekly by the best deejays of Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. Besides the website and the mobile application they came up with “22Fest”, a festival that is taking place in Amsterdam. Their online service is going offline as well, to create a platform where all sorts of people come together. A diverse group is brought together because their service doesn’t focus on just one genre, but on 22! Everyone is welcome to visit the festival and to experience the diversity of the music genres.

To continue the festival theme, there is another service made up by ThinkScream. They came up with the idea to offer fifteen minutes of free WiFi when throwing garbage in the disposal. A smart way to get people to clean up the mess they make, by rewarding them with the free service. It would be awesome if this would be adopted in busy squares and parks as well.

The Dutch franchised drugstore “Etos” also came up with a completely new marketing plan. They developed a mobile service where you can download an application that encourages you to keep moving. When you reach an amount of x-steps you get a free gift from the drugstore. So besides selling beauty products for outer appearance they also motivate people to live a healthy life by encouraging them to work out.

Another marketing trick that is focused on appearance is “TGap Jewellery”. It is based on an internet hype called “thigh gap”, which means the gap between your upper legs when your feet are next to each other. The website sells all sorts of products that accessorize the gap between your legs. The prices lay between 175 – 195 US dollar. Suddenly, at the check out another website pops up. Turns out: TGap Jewellery is a fake company to creates awareness for unrealistic body images! What a relief.

There are many companies that are using smart marketing plans. One that seemed to be a little bit shocking at first was CowGum: a meat-flavored gum. The company did not want to create a bestselling product, but what they wanted to create was awareness on the impact that the meat-eating-industry has. Whether you eat a huge amount of meat or not, the production and the consumption has a negative influence on society. It is safe to say that the awareness was succeeded.

We are familiar with the big yellow M-logo: of course one of the world’s biggest companies, McDonalds. Whether or not the logo is used, the company has made it possible for people to recognize the milkshakes and burgers as being the one and only McDonalds. This came to notice with their 2014 campaign, where only illustrations of their products were shown and no logo was used. McDonalds showed with this campaign that their products became a brand on their own.

I showed you different types of marketing strategies to sell your products. As you can see it takes more than just an advertisement in a magazine to sell your products or activate people. You have to be creative to get in touch with the customers nowadays.

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