Sustainability and Authenticity

During the past five months, I’ve been fulfilling my internship at a fair fashion jewelry brand in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2005. At the beginning of this year, 2016, they started focusing on rebranding the company. The Mega Trends that the company has pointed out are Sustainability and Authenticity. While continuing my research on these Mega Trends, it became clear to me that being “sustainable and authentic” as a company, isn’t as innovative as it used to be back in 2005. Where at first these Mega Trends were only interesting for the Innovators, it has moved upward on the Rogers curve, where it now takes in the largest groups: the Early Majority and the Late Majority. With this I can point out that the mentality group the company focuses on, is actually quite a big group within the current society. Back in the days when the company was just founded, people valued possession, pampering, evolving and experiencing. But in times like these, it’s not very wise for a company to focus on such a big mentality group. To stay an innovative company, a smaller group should be targeted. Nevertheless, the company should stick to its Mega Trends, for this is what they are recognized by for many years. When rebranding, focus should lay only on the values: evolving and experiencing. But if we still use the Mega Trends “Sustainability and Authenticity” and just erase a couple of values, then what exactly is the big change in perception? In 2005 great value was counted on companies that were fair trade, that saved external culture and that centralized “the others” (the external culture). In the current state of mind, this has moved to evolving ones self, experience and centralizing yourself (as consumer). So not only for a fair fashion jewelry brand, but for many other companies that work with Sustainability and Authenticity as Mega Trends, it’s quite important to find a way to carry out these values in the products, services and story of the company.




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