Can’t decide what you want to eat? How you want to look? Or how you want to represent yourself online? You can choose anything, the options are endless, you choose whatever. Your identity is transformable into everyone form you would want it to be.

One example of this are try-out tattoos: the application InkHunter uses the camera of your phone which scans body parts and presents to you the try-out tattoo that you possibly might want to get permanent one day. Moreover, it is also possible to get a temporary tattoo: this is a tattoo that vanishes over time. These developments make it possible to consider tattoo’s before making them permanent, making your choices a little easier.

Another example of the trend of temporality is the concept of pop-up stores. These are temporary stores that mostly exist to avoid vacancies in shopping centres and to keep the street image alive. Pop-up stores are also a way to familiarize the new start-ups to a broader audience, to test if the concept is fruitful.

Furthermore, the way you represent yourself on social media also has a sense of temporality these days. For example, you can upload a temporary profile picture or video, that deletes itself after a set time, which you can also decide yourself. In this way, it is possible to change your online appearance and identity, even if this is just for a while.

Lastly, the app Scoupy is a perfect example of the temporality-trend. When you use Scoupy, you get all sorts of deals on products of food and beverages. The idea is that you can pick up free samples of different products by showing the code on your application. In this way, you don’t have to buy stuff you haven’t tasted yet, which makes it easier to cross the threshold and try new things. It’s also a way to promote your product to a bigger audience, which can benefit the success of the product in the future. Speaking in terms of Rogers Curve, it speaks to innovators, Early Adopters and probably the Late Majority as well.

Temporality has something nice about it: you can postpone making permanent decisions and relief yourself from any choosing stress. In the past, products or services came to the market because the producers wanted to bring their product to public. Nowadays, products are produced solely to serve the consumer’s need. If there’s no demand for a particular product, more innovative or original products will take its place. There much more room for movement, changes and innovation, since the consumer’s demand is temporary, as it changes across the lifespan of individuals.

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