The comeback of chicken

It appears that chicken is regaining popularity. You could ask yourself: was chicken ever unpopular? Maybe not, but it’s now more in favor than ever. This is not so crazy, considering the variety of things you can make of chicken.

The comeback of chicken can be proven by the rebuilding of a restaurant in Amersfoort, called the Pastinaeck. In 2009, this restaurant won the finale of a television program called “Mijn tent is top” in which new restaurants competed against each other for the title of best restaurant of the Netherlands. Although business was good and the restaurant was highly valued by it’s many guests, the owners decided to take a different road. What was missing around the city? The restaurant is located at a popular square that holds many events and they wanted their restaurant to fit into that vibe. Changing their concept and interior, they opened the doors of their new chicken restaurant: “Hop en Hen”. Their focus lies on beer and chicken, being flexible for larger groups en offering healthy but quick food.

We become more and more aware of what we eat and where our food comes from. For this reason, it is not so odd that we are considerate for the well-being of animals. As is the case for chicken. More and more people choose to only eat chicken if the animal has had a good life. Supermarkets put the quality of life of the animal on all their food packages and are transparent on what they sell. However, in most restaurants you don’t know what kind of chicken is being served. An exception is restaurant chain Gauchos, has banished “plofkip” on all it’s menu’s. They present this with pride.

At restaurant Yoepz, that is located in Utrecht, they also use the growing popularity of chicken. Chicken and lobster are the main ingredients in the dishes on their menu. Eating chicken is quite hearty: a nice, good, big peace of meat that is easy to eat with just your hands. On the plate is obvious what your eating and they serve whole as well as half chickens. But not just in this restaurant in Utrecht is chicken the main ingredient. The popularity of chicken is also seen in the British restaurant Tramshed. There’s something quite bizarre when you walk in: a cow and chicken on formalin are the centre piece of the restaurant. Their chicken dishes are presented in all their glory and offer the guest a true chicken experience.

So, enough choices for everyone who enjoys chicken. For the conscious consumer is the transparent character of many restaurants and supermarkets of greater value. There’s a big chance that more companies will join in this trend.

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