Water. We cannot live without it. It is a known fact that we need to drink it in order to survive. Even our body consists for 40% of water. Water is everything and it is becoming more and more popular.

An example of this growing popularity is the company Cleantech Group, who believes in a better future. They believe in “green energy” and in clean drinking water. It’s the start of a new industrial revolution as they show us what our world would look like with their technology. With Cleantech the world will become healthier, richer, more innovative, more productive and safer.

Nowadays , it’s very normal for us that there is healthy water from the tap and that we can go to the toilet to get rid off our feces. We don’t know any better. But obviously it wasn’t always this simple. And it is not getting any simpler. Take in mind that our feces contain phosphate that is now flushed away down the toilet. Materials that we actually could use. Slowly, organizations are starting to store the sewer-water, to use the feces for their phosphate, to clean the water and to recycle.

Let’s move to a completely different initiative, Blue 21, that also believes that water is the most important for our future. However, their idea goes a little further than collecting sewer-water. They believe that we can actually live on the water. Floating Urbanization. A great idea, since we are running out of land to live on, while on the water there is a lot of space: about 70% of our planet is water. Also, considering that the sea level is rising and we have to deal with extreme weather changes, our land is getting vulnerable. On water we don’t have to worry about the rising sea level, because the houses automatically adapt to the changes. Blue 21 also believes that living on water will save the world from their addiction to fossil fuels, since we can capture CO2 in floating algae farms in the water. Another company with sort-like ideas is Deltasync. They are a leading specialist when it comes down to floating Urbanization. It looks like we’re going to live on the water within a couple of decades!

And even in politics water is winning popularity! In January this year there was a big water scandal in the American town, Flint. In this town the drinking water was poisoned with plumbum. The presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both agreed in a debate that the governor of Flint had to leave his position because he failed to protect the inhabitants of Flint. They where told in 2014 that nothing was wrong with the drinking water, but now in 2016 the news came out that in fact something was wrong with it. Large parts of the population of Flint now have to face the lifelong effects of the plumbum poisoning, such as brain damage.

Australia is testing the first wave energy technology. The generators harnesses movement from the sea to generate energy and potable water. This generator has limited negative impact on the environment and is more predictable than wind energy.

In the commercial with the super popular Game of Thrones-actor Thor, they introduced a new brand of drinking water, Heavy Bubbles. It seems a little weird, since the bottles are shaped like dumbbells and the brand claims that its use is to get in shape while drinking water. At the end of the commercial, it happens to be a joke and Thor explains that plastic bottles are bad for the environment. The commercial is made for SodaStream, a kitchen appliance that turns normal tap water in sparkling water. A smart move of SodaStream to use a popular character like Thor to discuss the problems around plastic water bottles.

The problems that we are having with plastic bottles could be solved with this new invention: a water bottle that decomposes when its empty. The bottle is made from red algae powder and water and doesn’t have any effect on the taste of the water. Fontus is also a special water bottle. It turns air to water and fills itself! It collects the moisture from air and then, through condensation, water vapor turns to water droplets.

When we want to stay informed about food trends, somehow we always end up in New York City. As we see now. A new foodtrend is the water cake. It looks like a bubble of water, but it is actually a piece of Japanese rice cake. It is jelly like, low in calories and it disappears when it is not eaten within 30 minutes!

It seems that water plays a big role in our lifestyle and how we treat the earth, and this role is getting bigger and bigger in the future. We can live on it, built on it, drink it, eat it, use it for energy. Finally there’s justice for Earth’s most important material!

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