Extremes in this wonderful world

With the arrival of the Internet people have become more and more connected with each other. Every minute of the day we can be online and everything we want to know, we can figure out. We are in direct contact with other people, are constantly up to date when it comes to the latest trends and we can get the news from around the world when ever we want to. What used to give us ” oeeehhhs ” and ” ahhhs” are no longer surprises to us. Boundaries blur, cultures blend and identities are malleable. But how do you still attract focus nowadays? We are looking for adventure, (personal) development, experience and authenticity. We want to be different and unique. We continue to challenge ourselves and experience a continuous desire for more. We want to form ourselves, which is often done with the help of other cultures and the search for new extremes.

The NSMBL website has several articles on specific sites, charming hotels and on special restaurants. Everyone’s bucket list becomes more and more exclusive. You become acquainted with idyllic places that most tourists have never heard off. “Ordinary” is passé and you are advised to travel as unique as possible. Maybe you would prefer to stay in an igloo, underwater or in an EcoCamp? If you can fantasise about it, it’s there. Even at restaurants it is no longer just about the menu. In Italy you can dine in a cave, in the Maldives you can eat among the fish, in Paris you can eat on top of the Eiffel Tower and if you think it really can not get any crazier, in Thailand you can eat in a tree house in the jungle where your food is served by waiters who come to you on a zipline.

Which also shows the necessary innovation, is the use of glass in architecture. Skyspace LA, an experience centre in the States, developed a slide on the seventieth floor of the US Bank Tower. The slide, which is made entirely out of glass, starts at 300 meters altitude and ends on a terrace from where you have a fantastic view over Los Angeles. Also for the next activity it is not convenient if you’re afraid of heights. In Mexico, the luxurious restaurant and cocktail bar Biré Bitori, has a glass floor that makes you believe that you are floating above the Copper Canyon. That is, of course, a way to get acquainted with the landscape.

So we travel the world, just to be part of the next big thing. We live in an experience economy to which globalization helps. We can get in contact with each other so easily what creates new possibilities. Perception is what we want and thus we try to shape ourselves uniquely.

Artists seem to feel the changes that take place in society. They know how to give shape to these changes. So has the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who renovated old abandoned churches. He transformed an old church into a skate park, which for many is not done. Hereafter, he knew of another vacant church that he fully equipped with a new exterior. The exterior of the church was featured with bright colour patches and painted animal heads, birds and people.

Nowadays we live for adventure and are constantly searching for extremes in this wonderful world. The next big thing might be just around the corner waiting for us. So we keep moving forward, on a search for a memorable experience that divides us from the group and which makes us the unique person we believe we are.

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