Love, friends, relationships and Internet

When you look back in time, you’ll see that relationships have changed considerably over time. Where fathers usually sat at the head of the table and provided for the family, mothers barely came out of the kitchen and a dozen children would hop around the house, while they shared a common surname. Such family constructions are hardly recognizable anymore. Nowadays Mom and Dad both work, the kids probably have side-jobs as well, and it is not strange if the family carries a several of surnames. In schools relations have changed too. With the arrival of the Internet anyone can look up what ever they want on the Internet, teach themselves and be guided by YouTube videos. Teachers do not necessarily have to teach anymore, but they need to guide their students along the content. Nowadays it could even occur that students are more specialized in particular topics or subject than their teacher due to Internet learning. There are also a certain number of people that have left school without graduating to work as freelancers, for they have invented or thought of innovative concepts and managed to enter the market without school training.

‘’Framily’’ is a term where friends and family are brought together. Generation Y (aka Millennials) has always symbolized youth. Things they are known for: Independent, self-conscious, critical, unique, connected and influential. But this generation has also matured; they now have children of their own and responsibilities. Even so, they are the ones that have shaped their family in a different way than previously generations have done. Friendships and families have now merged to just families with this Gen Y’ers. Unfortunately, because of this they are now confronted with new certain difficulties. If one attaches the same value to your friends as your family member, would ones attention go out to your child or a Whatsapp message from a friend? We now live an online and an offline life and children will naturally copy this, because that’s what children do. What do we do about this now and what will we do about it in the future

Nowadays, everything can be found online. If our children want to know anything, it is immediately Googled it and if they want to see how something works, it can be found directly on YouTube. Commercials seem outdated, seeing as anything bloggers and vloggers recommend is praised and bought. Also Snapchat is a fantastic way for celebrities to rub their perfect lives in your face. All these smart social media are not just handy for boredom, it can be used for anything and therefore easily results in one using their smartphone, tablet or laptop 24/7. Eileen Kelly, who is in her early twenties, is a complete Internet sensation since she caused some commotion on her Tumblr and Instagram accounts. As @killerandsweetthing she posts about sex for young adults. She answers questions about dating, sex, health and life. You could wonder why such questions are answered by a girl who is just in her early twenties. This is because she is trusted, she answers honestly and listens to her followers.

The Internet clearly has a major impact on our relations. Not only family ties and friendships will be affected, love will also experiencing new stimuli that affect it. Partners seem expendable, because you are continuously introduced with better, more interesting and nicer options. “Our culture is a market-orientated culture that causes love and the bonds of love to react as exchange relations in the labor market. That is because of Neoliberalism. In addition to the competition of Neoliberalism, it is the freedom that is also a central aspect. And who does not want liberty? “Of course, this creates the potential doomsday scenarios which of course you would like to forget as soon as possible. However, thanks to the Internet, this is no longer as easy as it used to be. Facebook and other social media channels remind us of disastrous moments very frequently. Tori West and Josh Cook published the book “Disaster zine’’ which illustrates many failed relationships and hook ups and make sure that you can laugh about other peoples fuck-ups again.

Nowadays you can choose and construct your own family, you can get professional relationship advice from twenty-year-olds, male-female relations melt together and relationships take on new forms. And all of this is made so much easier by the arrival of the Internet.

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http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/30393/1/disaster-zine-illustrating-your-failed-relationshi -and-hook-ups





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