Personal data

We live in a society that takes place both online and offline. Personal information is about us is gathered and stored and if anyone would like to know a thing or two about you, they will always find a way to get tot his information. This is so due to the fact that, most of the time, you wear something on you which is traceable. Some devices, like your smartphone and computer save everything you do, but even your identity card, passport and even some garments send of signals that show the actions and the moves you make. All this personal information, Big Data, is stored, analyzed and sold, as it is worth a lot of money. It can be of great use, all these technological developments, but are we aware what effect this has on our future?

A Dutch fashion collective came up with a new initiative, the anti-surveillance jacket. The jacket consists of different layers of metallic fabric, it is lightweight and portable. The materials used ensure that cards are obscured, the signal from your smartphone gets blocked and therefor data leaks are plugged. The jacket gives you the opportunity to really get offline, you might feel like you’re undercover since you can no longer be followed up closely.

If you want to find out what online services know about you personally, in the hope of limiting the damage, there’s the app Data selfie. The app displays the information that is available about you and that social media platforms already have saved about you. All the clicks you make on the Internet shows information about you that is of great help for advertisers. Because of this they always know what to praise what you are looking for. With this information profile is created of you and you get labels stuck to you. The Data selfie app does the exact same thing, but only for you to see the information that other parties already you have come to know about you.

But that all this information can be found everywhere, can also be in your favor. Through EmailHunter you can find all email addresses that you are looking for. So finding the right contact will be made very easy.

There is a project developed by scientists with which they can calculate your date of death. Thanks to Big Data, longevity, medications, diseases, medical advances of your surroundings can be monitored. With all this information as basis, your life expectancy can be estimated.

The possibilities are endless and your personal data can be used for anything. We are not aware of everything that is done with this information, but certain trends give us the possibility to recap ourselves and have self-control over our personal data. Should we just accept the fact that everything about us is out in the open, or do we need to find new ways to limit the damage? And what do future generations think about this?

With Generation Z, born from 1995 and onwards, the focus lays on privacy. It is a citizen of the world, is terribly handy with interactive media and contributes to society, as long as it is from their own initiative. Technological developments follow each other up faster and this is coupled with the handiness that new generations herein. We wake up with electronic devises and go to bed with them, but Generation Z is born with it.

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