Almost everyone is known with the senses we are born with; there is sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But not everyone is blessed with these five senses. Do you remember the game you played when you were little, where you were questioned what would be worse: not seeing or not hearing. The option to never smell again, never came to mind. What happens when you can’t smell a thing anymore? Not being able to smell the freshly cut grass, a tropical storm or a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Without smell you become disabled from the world around you. But even worse then not only missing your smell, is that you also miss your sense of taste. For many people working in the food sector, this might even mean missing a part of your identity when you lose you sense of smell. Scent triggers memory and emotions in the brain more then any other sense.

Missing on of the senses doesn’t mean you have to be totally disabled. Some people find a way to live with their disability. So did one of the competitors in the 22nd season of Dancing With The Stars, Nyle Di Marco. Nyle is one of the winners of America’s next top model, whom is born deaf. His brothers, parents and grandparents are all born deaf. But how is it possible to win a dancing competition when being born entirely deaf? Nyle got paired up with a fantastic dancing partner, Peta, and together they stole the show. Feeling the vibrations of the music and following Peta with his eyes, made it possible for Nyle to dance without hearing a thing.

Facebook found a way to help blind or visually impaired people to understand content through artificial intelligence. Photo’s as well as buttons are being read out loud, so that they can use the application as well. With this innovative idea, it becomes possible for the entire society to get involved in the use of this application.

In the future there will be more and more innovative inventions, by which everyone will be given the opportunity to use all their senses again. Until that time, there might come several appliances in usages of everyday pursuits. But how the society looks at these disabilities has changed. It is no longer an imperfection. You are no longer “different”, but you are wholly yourself. It is your chance to stand out in the crowd. You are well aware of yourself and have learned to live with who you are. It shows strength and perseverance.

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