Material Xperience

Together with a classmate I’ve visited Matrial Xperience on tour at Building Holland. The exhibition was themed ‘Biobased Future’ and several partners of the event showed innovative materials. The event was meant for stakeholders in the construction sector, but for us as Lifestyle Professionals it was a signal that got us excited. In many sectors new materials are created due to technological innovation. These new materials should trigger a feeling of natural as well and mainly found their inspiration in algea, fungi and other products of nature. But future materials shouldn’t only be inspired by nature, it should also contribute to a healthier nature and this planet. So waste as well is being re-used to create new products. This reduces emission and a shortage on raw materials.

Finding new materials has always been of great impact on architecture. Think back on the Bronze- and Iron Age and what that meant for civilization and our living environment. So what is there left to discover and how will this influence our future? New materials are being developed. Just a few examples are: self-heating concrete, nanomaterials, aerogel insulation and sweating rooftops. Many of these are also inspired by process we’ve learned from nature. Due to technological innovation materials become stronger, impact resistance, ultra thin and more flexible.

We are recycling, re-using and reducing in many different ways. New techniques, materials and energy sources are being used. Many people worldwide are working on these new materials and by this they don’t only influence our future, they create it.

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